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vocal fry


Reverse Phonation

The Proper Operatic posture achieves the best sound

So do you want to sound better than a cat?

Here is a list of different techniques and what they will do for you.

vocal fry-range, decrease tension, flexibility

lip bubbles-decrease tension, build mix, help discover range

tongue trills-decrease tension, build mix

mum, mum, mum-decrease tension, build range, build a powerful voice

nun, nun,nun-decrease tension, stop vowel abuse, range

nin, nin, nin-build range, stop vowel abuse, build richer sound

nee, nee, nee-build range, ease tension, add presence

nay, nay, nay-strong range builder

no, no, no-stop vowel abuse, build a well balanced sound

All of these singing techniques are tested, tried and true; these exercises are good vocal therapy. There is one major goal of all of these techniques, to get you to sing as you speak. When you speak there is no throat tension, no pulling sensations, no tight abdominals, no tired voice after one high note or one song, and no lost voices the next day. That is the level of singing that these exercises will help you achieve. Can you imagine having a free consistent voice that did what you wanted it to do when you wanted? As stated before, do these exercises on a regular basis and your voice will blossom like the stars you have always admired. Don’t forget to give your voice a rest every once and a while. Follow these singing techniques and you will be well on your way to singing success.

Long Live Singing

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