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PLEASE, GO TO THE SINGING TECHNIQUES PAGE TO LEARN EACH EXERCISE, THEN COME BACK HERE AND PRACTICE EACH!!!This section of singing lessons has alot of useful data. Choose your respective lesson and sing away.
Below is the recommended fast track to great singing. This is for the absolute starting beginner.
If you are more advanced you can go straight to the faster pace audios and you can substitute in


any exercise you feel you need to-basically you can customize your own vocal workout.
Instructions: Play the video and do one exercise; when the video is finished replay it and do the next exercise that you are told to do (ex. lip trills then tongue trills). Do all of the videos stated for each lesson and all the exercises you are told to do.

This is Lesson one for WEEK ONE-beginners. The pace is much slower to suit your needs.

click the link below to get started

No PUSHING, IF it hurts..stop, and take a short rest and try again. Remember it takes time and good practice to develop good vocal skills

Ex 2

Ex 3

Ex 4

Ex 5

Ex 6

Ex 7

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    • Michaela on September 5, 2012 at 8:58 pm
    • Reply

    I love this website…I have been really struggling with the break in my voice forever and even though it’s only been a week doing your exercises – my voice feels a lot better and I know if I keep it up, it’ll rock.
    I do have one tiny problem though…I can’t do the “nay-nay-nay” exercise correctly! I either strain or break into falsetto…and I know this one is very important to do correctly to get the benefits.

    • Matthew young on September 13, 2012 at 5:47 pm
    • Reply

    I love your sight and singing philosophy it seems to address my issues and desire precisely. When I’m on the singing techniques page I am able to view the videos. However, when I’m on the singing lessons page I cannot. Infect, there’s nothing where the videos should be. Not sure why this is… Kinda humming because I love your site and simple teaching style.

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