PLEASE, GO TO THE SINGING TECHNIQUES PAGE TO LEARN EACH EXERCISE, THEN COME BACK HERE AND PRACTICE EACH!!!This section of singing lessons has alot of useful data. Choose your respective lesson and sing away.
Below is the recommended fast track to great singing. This is for the absolute starting beginner.
If you are more advanced you can go straight to the faster pace audios and you can substitute in

any exercise you feel you need to-basically you can customize your own vocal workout.
Instructions: Play the video and do one exercise; when the video is finished replay it and do the next exercise that you are told to do (ex. lip trills then tongue trills). Do all of the videos stated for each lesson and all the exercises you are told to do.

This is Lesson one for WEEK ONE-beginners. The pace is much slower to suit your needs.

First do lip bubbles, nay..nay..nay, lip trills..then proceed to the next video.
No PUSHING, IF it hurts..stop, do it so it doesn’t hurt

Now do lip bubbles, nay..nay..nay, and lip trills on an octave scale.. same
rules apply

Lesson 2-WEEK 2

faster with more exercises first do lip bubbles, nah..nah..nah, tongue trills, and vocal fry the pace is faster

then do the same exercises an an octave scale to finish your workout!

Lesson 3-WEEK 3

lip bubbles, tongue trills, vocal fry, and nay..nay..nay(this time not so whiny) and mum..mum..mum

now do the same exercises on an octave scale. If it is too fast use one of the slower paced
piano tracks from above until you can comfortably do this pace.

Lesson 4-WEEK 4

lip bubbles, nay, tongue trills, vocal fry, mum, and go..go..go, and nun, nun, nun
this should keep you busy!

now do the same exercises on an octave scale you may take 10min breaks whenever you want
do what is comfortable for you

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