My Singing Story

The author of singing high

The author of singing high

Welcome singing high readers,
Here I am going to inform you about how, where, why, and  what developed my inspiration for singing.
I love to sing, make music, perform, join groups, and just plain old sing in the shower. You may think that I was born with a gift from birth, or that you may not be able to accomplish a vocal rapport as I have.
Well my story should clear this up for any interested reader. So lets get down to business.

I am a guitar, bass, saxophone, and drum player. After the pass of the new millenium, I played alot at different venues, churchs, and concerts on these principle instruments. I met a young lady who sang in one of the groups I played for and she said something so interesting that I almost died.
She told me that if I received some formal training, I would be a good singer!! What?? I cracked more and sounded like a dying dehydrated rhino whenever I opened my mouth!! I thought she was totally nutty. I never took her advice; she tried her hardest to get me to sing, but I always refused. It wasn’t until later that I asked a friend for a singing lesson on CD to just try it out.

It was very boring, but it was the beginning of my journey. I began to research on the internet anything I could find while going to University. I READ ALOT! and I practiced alot(really in secluded places so no  one would laugh at me) until my voice was good enough to be heard in public.
I joined singing groups, did solos, and made recordings at my own leisure; moreover, I taught alot of people on the side as well. Which has brought me to the creation of this site. I just love to develop the voices of those who think they have no shot in the world-I mean-if you feel it is impossible for you to be a good singer, then I want to work with you. I guarantee anyone who uses this website will become a great singer, you just have to put in the effort.
So use this site(it’s free for now, not for long) and learn all the things I had to learn except much quicker.

Feel free to leave me a buzz if you would like to talk personally

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