Jan 16

How to get a Mariah Carey Style range

Mariah Carey needs no introduction. Those of you enthused by her pop music can attest all day how much an incredible singer she is and how much you try to emulate her because you love her voice.

Even more so how she goes ridiculously high with melodic precision. How many of you struggle and strain or get frustrated when you want to hit the incredible high notes in her song but can’t? Well I would like to introduce an exercise that will help even men achieve and develop this part of your range. But men in particular need to have patience with these exercises as women’s vocal chords are thinner. So you are about to learn

  • how to coordinate your voice to hit whistle tone

  • how the tone is produced

  • what special things to do when you just can’t get it

First of all we are going to start with reverse phonation. Reverse phonation is simply inhaling and singing instead of exhaling and singing. However, now you are going to inhale and sing scales and melodies.

As always it should be easy, don’t push. As you inhale you are coordinating your vocal chords which means you are teaching your chords how to go through your ranges without breaks and undo tension. Therefore, if you want to learn how to use that “Mariah Carey” range you need to practice it in reverse phonation and then sing it out. Some days you will find it hard to do this reverse phonation so you should try some of these tips. The first is to use the reverse phonation with vocal fry.

If you don’t know what vocal fry is, then you need to check out my singing techniques page and learn; moreover you may see this technique on the page as well. The next is to not use alot of air-basically whisper your whistle tones until your chords get strong enough.

Then try doing these tones either reverse or proper with the piano accompaniment on the singing lessons page.

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