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What everyone should know about a strong voice

Any singer that is not that good would love to have a strong voice.

  • A strong voice is not just one that is loud, but is resiliant.

  • A strong voice doesn’t get tired after one song or one high note, it doesn’t wear out quick, and it is consistent from day to day.

  • People with strong voices have worked to get them.

  • No person is just born with a well balanced voice. It takes time to develop it; in addition, some develop a strong voice better than others, faster.

Here we will begin to delve into the topic of how to build a strong voice. The suggested path goes as follows: vocal health, daily exercises, technique development, and avoidance of vocal abuse.

Vocal Health is prominent for any singer who wants to sing high with a strong voice. Check with a vocal cord specialist if your voice is feeling or sounding worse than normal.

Always eat healthy with emphasis on nautral herbal teas, citrus foods, fresh foods, and avoid fast foods, sugar foods, highly salty foods, and processed foods.

Most importantly drink lots and lots of water. Get enough rest. Have you ever noticed that when you go to bed late and don’t drink enough water that your voice really sucks in the morning? That is due to the edema of the chords while you sleep. This principle varies with different people but adequate sleep and lots of water daily will improve your voice and make it strong. I worked with a gentlemen who gained range just by drinking water!! WHAT?? THAT’S RIGHT, JUST BY DRINKING WATER!!! He was so dehydrated that it was hard for his chords to adduct(which means come together to vibrate and make a sound).

Proper preparation prevents poor performance

Proper preparation prevents poor performance

Next are daily exercises! Doing lip bubbles, tongue trills, nay, ne, mum, gee, gwee, go, gug, and more will build up your voice over time. However, another special exercise is the indian cover. If you make the sound of native indians in western movies, you will do great wonders for your voice.

First start by covering your mouth tightly. Then try and blow your hand off of your mouth like you are blowing out birthday candles while making a note. You should notice that your cheeks have puffed out before your hand moved off. You are doing the exercise right if you feel alot of pressure on your hand from the air you blow. After you have made it this far, you simply practice this exercise on any scale you choose. When you get good at it. You can do this exercise to the melody of a song, and make it easy on yourself to sing those trouble spots.

Next is technique development. Due your exercises daily which means at least three times a week for an hour each, plus singing miscellaneous songs. Don’t stop and you will have to build a strong voice.

Lastly, is no vocal abuse. Screaming at loud events, smoking clubs, singing uncomfortably, singing too loudly, and more will all ensue harm on your voice. The serious vocalist must refrain from such practices. Vocal nodules is a dysfunction that can depress and hinder any serious vocal student. Therefore, take care of your golden voice. Drink water, eat healthy, exercise, practice good technique, and enjoy a great vocal experience.

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