Jan 16

Vocal Therapy

Vocal Therapy remains an important but overlooked area for most singers. If more emphasis was put on vocal care, there would be a lot of better singers. Please, be the singer who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd; take care of your voice and surely you will reap the rewards. People are looking for a magical exercise to get the most out of their voices when really it is their vocal health that is failing.
The first step in vocal therapy is to visit a voice doctor. You should do reasearch to find a vocal specialist closest to you. A vocal specialist is a good way to start because they are equipt to inform you of any damages due to problems you may be having because of: acid reflux, swollen vocal nodules, or damaged chords. Once you receive your diagnosis, you can go about finding the solution that is right for you.

The second step is to continue good vocal health like good hygiene. Vocal health can stem into alot of areas. First, what you eat. If one is a serious singer one should stay away from junk food, highly processed foods, excessive sugar, and excessive salt. Some foods you will want to eat more of will be citrus foods, water, water, water, honey, tea, steam rooms or vocal steamming, fruits, vegetables, and exercise at least three times a week.
Herbal remedies may do wonders on your voice. Get on fenugreek, ginseng, green tea, or a blended herbs tea. Any herb that improves circulation and decongests the sinuses will improve your tone quality and range immensely. Many people are suprised at how a tree can turn you into an usher over night. Well, not an usher, but always do everything to get the most out of your voice. Then you can move on to great singing lessons.
The third step towards great vocal health remains discrete vocal exercises. Such exercises would be the vocal fry, lip bubbles, mum,mum, mum, gee, gee, gee. check out how to do these exercises properly so that you may slowly over time build your voice back. Give yourself some time and your voice will come back.
You should practice these exercises no more than one hour per day and 3 times a week until you recieve clearance from the doctor that you are O.K. By then you should feel that your voice is back up to par and you can sustain a greater workload. Vocal Therapy is something that takes time and patience, so don’t rush. Vocal Therapy that is done right has brought the most damaged voices back to a great singing fashion, so don’t lose hope either. Follow these careful instructions toward vocal therapy and you will be happy in the end.
If your voice is hoarse and you would like faster relief, then blend carrots, celery, parsely, and cucumbers together and enjoy it with a piece of bread. Or steam your vocal chords. Most importantly, let your voice rest and it will come back the way it used to be and better.
Long Live singing

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