Jan 16

The secret of Vocal Fry

This exercise called the vocal fry is probably one of the top vocal exercises on the planet, no joke. This exercise revolutionized my singing forever. It did a number of things: it allowed me to sing high-good, stop vocal tension, increase range, sing with a rockstar tone like axel rose from guns n roses, and much more. This exercise is even therapeutic for you voice on bad vocal days.

If you don’t know what the vocal fry is, then you need to go to my singing techniques page and learn it!

The vocal fry is a phenomenal exercise, first of all, because it destroys vocal tension faster than any known method. To recap, vocal tension is caused by the engagement of the swallowing muscles or outer larynx muscles while producing a tone. When one initiates the vocal fry sound, one effectively may cut out the production of these muscles, aka the digrastic muscles! With practice one will feel how the voice will float freely and one’s throat will stop moving and causing problems.

In Opera singing, this is called the edge-but for everything else we call it vocal fry. The goal is to be able to practice the vocal fry, day in and day out, until one may do the sound on any note in one’s range; moreover, produce the sound constantly while going from the bottom of one’s range to the top of one’s range.

The science behind this exercise is that when the vocal fry is produced, the vocal chords are just beginning to vibrate, but not totally. This action strengthens one vocal folds to vibrate without the assistance of the swallowing muscles. It is just beautiful.

The rewards are tremendous for this exercise. Any great singer is capable of doing this sound on any note in his or her range. So learn the exercise and practice on the singing lessons page.

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