Jan 16

The Secret of a smooth vibrato

Greetings Singers,

In this article we are going to go into the secrets of how to have a smooth vibrato and how to easily achieve this. Basically a singer must start from the basics, slowly build up, try different speeds without tension, and fine tune for different styles.

First, a singer must start with the basics of vibrato. Vibrato is essentially produced by modulations in the larnyx; however, this is not the only way. To really get in tune with these modulations a singer should start very, very slowly. Start with an ughh sound and mimick the sound of a car that is struggling to start.

Do this until you fell you can control the sound. For beginners, you should do this for a week until you feel it is stupid easy to accomplish, thats when you know that you may move on. For more advanced singers-if you ever feel you are lacking on your vibrato, go back to the basics and work back up.

Second, you should now time yourself. Look at a watch or a digital timer and make vibrato that modulates about three waves per second. So it would sound like 123 123 123 or ughh ughh ughh   ughh ughh ughh. Do this until you have full control and it feels stupid easy. After that you may move up to 4 waves per second and 5  and 6. But each stage must be done until it is stupid easy.

You will not want to cheat yourself and skip to 6 before you master 4 because it will sound ugly and uncontrolled. Stick with the exercise and do it faithfully, you will sound SOOOOOO sweet.

Here is a secret tip for all of my faithful readers. Do the above exercise on lip bubbles or tongue rolls and you will develop ten times as fast..without the tension or strain!! You may go to the singing lessons page to check out the lessons I will have for you there dealing with vibrato.

After you have gone through this phase(which may take you a month at least) you may now focus on the stylelistic provisions of vibrato. For example, rock singers like Steve Perry of Journey have a moderate speed vibrato at about four to five waves per second and the waves are a little bit larger. R&B singers like Brian Mcknight have a faster vibrato at about five to seven.

OK singers, from now on I want you all to take on a new focus, really listen to your favorite singers on the radio and listen to how their vibratos are intricately produced. Of course, apply the exercises and then imitate. Stay tuned for more updates on vibrato techniques.

Long Live Amazing Singing

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