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Singing Tips

Need a litttle extra edge for your alto,tenor, or soprano part? Or do you need a more powerful solid sound on those high notes? Whatever your case may be select the appropriate remedy from the amazing list of articles below. Long live singing.

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No tension produces a blissful sound

No tension produces a blissful sound

who else wants mariah carey range?

Check out this page of singing techniques to perk up your singing abilities. First is the lip bubbles. It is the exercise that makes you feel like a horse while singing at the same time. This exercise has been proven to decrease the tension in your voice, build your range, and improve your tone quality. While doing this exercise there are key points that you must abide by so as to bring the most out of this exercise. You must have an ugghh sound underneath the lip bubbles. This will teach you easily how to sing good while keeping your larynx down and other swallowing muscles inactive. This exercise is loved by almost anyone who tries it after they see the results it brings.
Another singing tip is to sing easily. Pretend like you are in falsetto when you sing but sing with more depth and volume. Your larnyx should be low. This will enable you to stay connected higher in your range. Another singing tip is to make the elmer fudd sound. Its a very grawgy sound like when you first wake up in the morning. When you get good at this sound you will be able to  go to the highest note in your range to the lowest note in your range making this weird sound. It is really good. Another singing tip is that when you are hoarse or you can’t seem to reach that high note, do the elmer fudd sound and you will get it.
What you must know about the elmer fudd sound is that when you make that sound, your vocal cords are just beginning to vibrate; therefore, when you make that sound it is your real voice and not falsetto. Moreover, you can do this sound very high and thus unlock those high notes that you have always had but didn’t know how to use.
Another singing tip is to give your voice time to develop. Don’t give up and do it patiently, you will sing higher. You will sound good, you just have to keep the passion and the drive.
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