Jan 16

Add range and destroy straining with Reverse Phonation

Reverse Phonation is one of the most underrated exercises that I know of; however, I wouldn’t be caught dead not practicing this baby. When I first started to do this exercise, I must say, it was quite weird and I often wondered if this would help me in singing and how? Well I was not the first person who discovered reverse phonation and I later found out that it had been in use for over half a century! Reverse phonation is going to:
  • easily extend range
  • drastically reduce throat and vocal tension
  • strengthen the whistle register
  • therapy for damaged vocal chords
I mean, I love this exercise for the above reasons and a whole lot more. However, don’t over do the exercise when you first begin, you will feel how uncomfortable it is and possibly damaging. Therefore, as you do the exercise, keep it easy, and always light. This will enable your nervous system to get an idea of how it feels to sing high, light, easy, and without tension.
If you are doing this exercise with tension then you are definitely using too much air with the exercise. Use less air and take the exercise easy for its true benefits. This exercise promotes ventricular relaxation       around the vocal folds and causes the vocal folds to adduct. In other words this exercise allows you to access your entire range, EASILY!!! Hello, does it get any better than this.
You can always count on your reverse phonation register to be there. If you’re having trouble, a bad vocal day, dry voice, or just need to warm up, start out with your reverse phonation exercises and feel the reward of smart singing!!
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