Jan 16

New exercises to help build vocal range

Range, do you have enough and are you content with yours? Mostly every amateur singer will say no to this question only wishing to find some magic formula to get the range he or she desires and hit the high notes he or she has always dreamed of. Here at singing high, we specialize in areas of singing like adding range, and building a stronger range. Right now you will learn why some people feel shorted or range, how to get more, and how to build it strongly.

First up is why people feel shorted. Many singers express concerns that they haven’t been born with the range that some singers have, which their jealous of, and never end up becoming anything significant of a singer. The truth is some people have been born with more range than others; but, most people have the ability to sing high, well! What? So, how come I can’t do it, you may say. I would like to inform you that if you practice diligently, practice the right stuff, and most importantly stop doubting, you too will develop range that will fascinate even yourself.

How to build range? Range will easily be built by doing the correct exercises over time. You see the fact of the matter is you have range already, you just don’t know how to do it properly.  That’s where the exercises come in. These exercises are designed to help you discover your range, and how to use it. From the first instance of doing these exercises, you may sing way higher than you ever did in your life. I guarantee you will notice how much easier it is to sing, so lets talk about which exercises.

The first exercies is the tongue-chin exercise. Why is it called that? It is because during the exercise you tongue must touch your chin, or as close as possible without feeling hurt, and then singing a scale. Check out the example exercises on this site to get a better idea of how it sounds. Now this exercise isn’t intended to sound pretty, infact, the uglier and nastier you sing it in tone quality, the better effect it has on your voice.

The next exercise for great range is the shhh exercise. The shh exercise is performed just as it sounds. say shhh while singing so it sounds like a soft buzzing bee. Now sing all the way up and all the way down and walla, you have the range you’ve always wanted. While doing these exercises please remember the ground rules: no pushing, and no straining. If you have to strain to get a note, then you’re doing it wrong. You must experiment with the ground rules in mind, the exercises given, and find a balance so you don’t strain. You will do it and you will sound good eventually.

So now you have a heads up on singing high and great. Don’t give up on your journey

Amazing Singing Team

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