Jan 16

Know how your vocal Chords work and Stop making the same mistakes

Are you frustrated with how your singing tone is, or do you just want to sing better, higher, and more faster? Well, the immediate answer is to understand how your vocal chords operate. This is crucial because it will stop you from doing malicious singing habits that will inevitably HURT YOUR VOICE!!! so read this article.

Truth 1

Your vocal chords are made of soft tissue, and not muscle. This means that they are fragile and any
Did you know they looked like that?

Did you know they looked like that?

malicious singing habits(which means if there is tension while you sing) will damage the substance of your chords. That’s why straining, shouting, and tension are bad for your chords; they put undo pressure on them that the vocal chords were not meant to withstand!

Truth 2

The inner muscles of the larynx control the closure of your chords; therefore, to sing effectively one must strengthen and use these muscles ONLY when singing. Most often people who sing with tension utilize the OUTER muscles of the larynx, also known as the swallowing muscles. So if your throat is moving up and down while you sing, you know you have this problem. Also, it just rarely sounds as good, if at all, as someone who has no throat movement!

Truth 3

Air pressure causes your vocal chords to open. Then, your inner larynx muscles cause them to close. This cycle happens over and over, thousands of times per second. You must notice that your inner larynx muscles must be very efficient to handle this air pressure; moreover, there are specific exercises for this. I’ll show them to in just a bit.
but first…

Truth 4

As you ascend in your range your vocal chords come to a point where they must make an adjustment to sing
your vocal chords shorten, or zip up, just like this

your vocal chords shorten, or zip up, just like this

higher. This is where most people crack and sound horrible. What is happening is your vocal chords must zip up, shorten in length, and form a new coordination. This really means a higher note!! To do this one must not use to little or too much air, or, tension and breaking glass will be a result! For your vocal chords to make this adjustment they need LESS AIR!!!! So people who try to push and shout there way to sing high will NEVER GET IT! There are great exercises that make this process 100% faster and easier.

As I promised you may go to my singing techniques page and have fun with all of them, free!
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