Jan 16

How to sing with a softer voice to sound good

Isn’t it frustrating when your voice breaks time an time again? Is there a way to instantly stop this? Try this method when you are getting down on your knees for bad reasons! Sing very soft! I mean barely make a peep and try and sing the vocal melody you are frustrated with.

What is the science behind it you ask? well, for most people chances are you are using too much air to sing and consequently are causing an air pressure imbalance in your singing; thus, it doesn’t sound good or it hurts. When you are singing softly you are giving your chords a break from this tornado of air.

This will give you the chance to learn the right sensation. What do I mean sensation? By sensation I mean what it feels like to sing right. Chances are if you follow the good rules of no pushing, not holding on with your throat, or feeling any tension at all, then you’ll probably get what you want to sing when you sing softly. The discovery secret is that your mind and body will discover how free singing feels when done light and right, instead of heavy and wrong. Then, waalaa, try and emulate the same sensation when you start to add volume.

Try some of the singing techniques if you are having trouble connecting.

Remember, light and right is better than loud and wrong.

Singing High

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