Jan 15

Here’s a Quick way to Sing High Notes

Have you ever been frustrated because some days you can sing high, and some days you can’t-no matter what you do?

well here is a tip designed for singing high, quickly. The great thing about this tip is that it isjohn nemeth band at legends really quick. Basically your about to learn how to

  • Get into you high register easily, everytime

  • sing high notes or that high note in a song everytime

  • learn the trick to ascending in your range without tension

OK, without anymore rambling, the name of this technique is the whisper/hold your breath technique(which is uniquely named by me). The whisper/hold your breath technique is executed by the following procedure: 1) act like you are holding your breath underwater 2) make a singing note while letting only a little air out and still holding back the rest. 3) Once you have the note, you may carefully release some of the air and pressure you are holding back for volume purposes. Now the phenomenon of holding your breath and singing is the key to this technique. Try ascending in your range and as you go up hold more breath back(or air same substance).

watch the video on whisper/breath hold technique here if you have trouble.

If done properly, you should be able to hit higher notes immediately that prior to this technique were giving you trouble(assuming you don’t have any other vocal complications like a dehydrated voice). The science behind this exercise is simple but counterintuitive; however, most individuals do the opposite of this science.

First, your vocal chords vibrate as air passes through. The lower the note, the more of the vocal chords that vibrate; hence, more air. As you ascend in your range your vocal chords zip up and less of the actual chords are vibrating; hence, YOU NEED LESS AIR TO HIT HIGHER NOTES!!!! Many people hear Brian Mcknight or Mariah Carey hit a high note so powerful one’s mind would think that he or she would need more air to do that and most people shout or yell with more air to sound like these superstars; however, its just the opposite. I bet right now your saying “Gosh, that’s why I can’t get those high notes”.

anyone who tries to push there way to singing high will have a better chance of walkingGreat Wall of China through the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! That’s why you don’t push when you sing, but you hold back as you go up.

If you have any further questions email wovuween147@live.com for one-on-one answers.

Sing High!

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