Jan 15

Here is a Method that is helping Singers to Sing High

Woooo! Mostly everyone will admire a singer who may sing high.

Even when the singer is not that great, once they hit a high note that is sung well, people give them applause. Mostly every person has the ability to sing high.

Many vocal students are told that their genetics have pre determined how high and well a person may sing; therefore, if you can’t sing high already, don’t expect to ever sing high-just leave it  to the people who were blessed with those special genetics.

Well, that’s a lie. Mostly everyone has the ability to sing high, its just you have to learn how to do it. This will help you sing high as soon as you finish reading this. Also, learn how to build a strong voice for long term singing success.

First tip: Sing without tension. To sing without tension you must relax the muscles around your throat and your jaw.

There are many exercises  that you may do to help you reduce and stop tension. Number one is lip bubbles. Others are tongue trills, and special exercises. Go to the singing techniques page to learn these exercises; then, go to the singing lessons page to practice these exercises to a live piano!

The first special exercise that will be introduced will be the (NG) exercise.

Open your mouth and make a sound like (NG) and go all the way up in your range to all the way down until you get used to it.

Here are the ground rules: don’t push as you slide up, don’t strain, if you feel like your going to break-just let it break, plug your ears with your hands so you may become conscious of what your voice sounds like.

One concept that you must understand when singing high is that you need to use less air.

Think about it; as your vocal chords come together to sing a note higher than the one before, your vocal chords are thinning out and using less of the vocal cord to vibrate; therefore, if your vocal chords are using less to vibrate, you need less air to make them vibrate-make sense!

People who try to push their way through will never get it, because it’s the opposite of what their trying to do-less air.

Who ever said that singing was hard? It is easier to sing high than it is low, get it-it just may seem alittle more uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Keep Doing the exercises mentioned here and you will sing higher, and fast!

Long Live Singing

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