Jan 15

Get rid of jaw Tension and sing Higher FASTER

One of the many limiting factors that hinders singers is jaw tension. When one is singing, the jaw should never be in such a tight position that it can’t move, or it feels tight. It is really sweet when you get rid of this bad boy. You’ll feel so much freer and your tone will reflect this freedom because it will sound so pure and sweet! In this article we are going to delve into
    • what creates jaw tension
    • how to stop it
    • how you know when your jaw is not affecting your singing!
Jaw tension is created by the jaw muscles tightening up due to a number of events: 1) a person feels he or she needs to push in order to sing high so this causes the jaw muscles to tense 2) a person is trying to  use their jaw muscles to help his or her singing 3) a person has not properly warmed up.
All of the above circumstances may induce jaw tension and affect one’s singing; in addition, this list is by no means exhaustive.
Now how does one stop jaw tension? First, one must consciously relax the muscles of the jaw. While you are singing, actively relax the muscles of your jaw. Second, is a jaw tension relief exercise. To do this you must hold your chin with your hand, then start to sing, and while you are singing move  your chin back and forth. This will develop your singing free of jaw tension!!!
The other key exercise is to put your index finger on your jaw, stick your tongue out as far as you can, and say yah..yah..yah.. on a scale. The most important part of this exercises pertaining to jaw tension, is keeping your finger in place. You must make sure your jaw doesn’t move, and that is what your finger is there for. With all of these in your arsenal, you should be able to train yourself to sing without the assistance of your jaw muscles!
Now is your opportunity to use these exercises on my singing lessons page. Press the play buttons to sing along with different piano tracks, they all will work wonders!
You will know that you aren’t singing with jaw tension because your tone will sound free; moreover, it will feel easier to sing. Your notes will feel like they are floating from your throat instead of slowly being produced. Most importantly, when you put your hands on your jaw muscles while you are singing, these muscles will be inactive.
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