Jan 15

Do you still believe the myth about supporting from your Diaphragm

There are alot of myths regarding vocal technique these days that are still taught primarily in schools and choirs; especially the myth about support from the diaphragm. This principle in singing is so often botched that the main principle is so misunderstood and the student ends up being frustrated. What is even more ironic is the fact that singers who swear they have the technique right don’t realize that the diaphragm support is not at the forefront of their vocal success. Therefore, we are going to delve into the myths and legends about the diaphragm; then, you are finally going to learn the truth about the diaphragm.

Myth #1: Some people can’t sing high because they don’t have enough support from their diaphragm, that’s why the notes don’t come out and thats why the notes sound strained.

Truth: Your one question to their criticism is “How can you not sing without the diaphragm?” You see your diaphragm is working even when you are talking. Teachers may tell you “your not using your diaphragm, that’s why” but that is not the case. There is no way physiologically possible that anyone may sing without engaging the diaphragm.

Myth 2: “Your diaphragm should be rock hard when you sing, especially high. This is indicative of good support!”

Truth: a hard stomach that is pushed out to its maximum is just telling you that you are using too much air! You might push so hard that the wrong thing comes out of the wrong end! Your stomach should be rigid no matter how you sing, but not hard like taught in school.

Myth 3: “enough support will allow you to push more air which will allow you to sing higher and sound clearer!”

Truth: Pushing from your diaphragm will only get your high notes strained, and your tone production will sound strained. You see, to sing high you must you less air, not more. People who claim they use their diaphragm to sing high are deluded by the psychosomatic aspect of singing. They think that is the reason why they sound good when really it is due to fact of good vocal technique.

Ok, now that you know a couple of the myths regarding support from the diaphragm, now you need to know the truth relating to the diaphragm and singing.

The truth is, you use your diaphragm no matter how you sing. However, because singing is just extended talking, you fill up your lungs with more air to support your notes that are held out longer, that’s the only difference. every human being can take a deep breath, it is very rare that a singer will need help with breathing, usually this means you are handicapped or need medical attention.

When you take a regular deep breath, like everybody knows how to do, your diaphragm is already supporting your air-just like it was made to do. Singers who have vocal problems have them because of things like jaw tension, unstable larynx, bad vocal technique, pushing from the DIAPHRAGM, and many OTHER reasons.

So don’t be fooled and frustrated by out of touch vocal teachers. Do your self a favor and learn the fast easy way to sing.

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