Jan 15

Build a Strong Vocal Range

Wow! OMG! That person can really sing

is what you usually hear or feel anytime you experience a singer who sings high in the stratoshere. I know that I always used to gawk and fantasize about singing high and wondering when I would finally be able to do  it. I knew I could get there, but I wanted it quick.

Of course, I started out by pushing, straining, and squeezing to get my high notes out, but that never really helped-only hurt. Now that I am able to sing any note I wish it feels good and liberating. So here I am about to delve into how to build a strong range in three steps. 1.) good exercises 2.) good health 3.) persistance

Step number one- good exercises. If you are really want to sing high with a powerful high or low range then you must incorporate some foundational exercises to get you there. Check out my singing lessons page daily to do your exercises or check out the singing techniques page for a list of exercises, how to do them, and examples. To develop a good high range you must learn how to go through your chest voice to your head voice without breaking or switching to falsetto. Mostly everyone is capable of doing this its just that it takes some time.

Doing an exercise like a high pitched nay, nay, nay, or a low pitched wuh, wuh, wuh will definetly teach your how to go through your chest to head registers smoothly. Just remember the ground rules: it should feel easier as you go up, no pushing, tight abs, or strain in the throat, work on being relaxed. All the exercises on this site focus on accomplishing this task, so feel free to use all that are mentioned and at any pace you like.

Step 2.) You must be saying yeah I know good health..good health..heard it before. Well, if you’ve heard it before and you’re still not implementing it, you should continue to read this for your edification.

In short, exercise improves one’s circulation which improves the quality of your singing. I have always noticed that after I have worked out I am ready and able to hit some very nice high notes and it still occurs. Make this a daily part of your life to be active, it will facilitate your singing high journey.

Step 3.) Persistance. If you give up after three weeks or a couple of months then you won’t experience the awesomeness that comes with persistance in terms of your vocal abilities. It is paramount that you continue to “grab the bull by the horns” and sing everyday with keeness.

For example, when I practice I am in tune with what my muscles are doing in my throat, how much air I am using, where the sound is resonating, where I want it to go, what sounds I shall produce after that and so much more. In essence I’m telling you that you must be focused when you practice. Eventually if you persevere and keep good singing habits, people will hands down admire you as a great singer.

Keep up the great singing

Amazing singing Team

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