Jan 15

Are you sick of Singing with Tension?


Whether you’re a singer or not, everybody on this planet HATES vocal tension!

When a singer is singing with tension in a song everyone cringes. Any singer who is dealing with tension while singing also hates that feeling as well. It’s just a universal thing. But is there a way to get rid of this little crook? or must one learn to cope with the inevitable? The good news is that you can unlearn vocal tension, or break the bad habit if you will. The bad news is most people give up, don’t have the right techniques, or don’t have the right knowledge necessary to smash this ugly phenomenon. That’s what this article is for, is to show you that you can beat vocal tension! But first, let’s look at what causes vocal tension.
Vocal tension arises from bad vocal technique, essentially. When people sing with their swallowing muscles engaging that is when the sound they produce becomes strained and unpleasant. The outer muscles of the larynx(swallowing muscles) engage when too much or not enough air pressure is used to keep the chords together. Since the vocal chords aren’t able to stay together for that certain range in one’s voice, the outer muscles of the larynx come in and try to hold them.
One must realize that the outer muscles of the larynx remain inefficient in holding the chords together; that’s why they are OUTER MUSCLES!! The inner muscles of the larynx are the proper muscles that one must use to sing tension free.
If you are currently singing with tension then you should know that this tension seriously limits your range!! When you eliminate this you will almost DOUBLE your range.
There are two steps that will help you to eliminate vocal tension:
1. warm up your voice. It sounds simple and regurgitated, but its so simple so many people don’t do it! They merely get up and sing away. A proper fifteen minute warm-up on easy scales will improve circulation and increase the effectiveness of the inner muscles of the larynx.
2. Use the right singing technique. So what is the right singing technique? It is when the outer muscles of your larynx are relaxed while the inner muscles of the larynx are used to adjust the vocal chords as needed.
But you maybe saying, “How do I stop the outer muscles and use the inner muscles to get my dream voice?” The answer is quite simple. That’s why Singing high was created in the first place. You must go to the singing techniques page and learn these exercises that will teach your inner muscles to engage and your outer muscles to relax. Then you must go to the singing lessons page and play the videos with the piano tracks on them regularly so you may sing tension free, REGULARLY!!!
If you have any questions, then email me at wovuween147@live.com and all your inquiries will be answered!

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